Reviewing Policy & Rating Scale

We are both happy to accept review requests from authors and publishers! Although, please keep in mind that if we accept the request, it doesn’t guarantee we will review it.

Priscilla enjoys reading YA novels, dystopian, fantasy, urban fantasy, romance , contemporary, science fiction and historical fiction genres. She does not review horror (will never read this genre either – I’m a scaredy cat), non-fictions (willing to make some exceptions), and thrillers/mysteries (usually – some exceptions possibly).

Sheryl’s go-to genres are fantasy, urban/paranormal fantasy and romance but contemporary novels have also been known to rock her world (really, she just can’t say no to a serving of swoon-worthy boys). YA will always be her first love but she also enjoys new adult and adult fiction. She ventures eagerly into the realm of historical fiction, science fiction and non-fiction, warily into thrillers and mysteries and typically runs screaming and crying from horrors.

Our reviews are 100% our opinion and are based on both our personal preferences as well as what is generally accepted as a “good story” (this includes plot, characters, setting, writing style , narrative structure and voice, etc.)

For review requests or any further queries on our review policy, please contact us at !

Rating Scale:
I hold this book in higher regard than chocolate – seriously, nothing but love for this gem! I’ve badgered my friends, family, probably even strangers at the book store to read this book.

A few flaws but overall, still an amazing, memorable read that warrants rereads! I would definitely still recommend this book!


I liked this book, but didn’t love it. Overall it was just an “ehh” for me, but it was a good one time read that unfortunately had some flaws to it. I might still recommend this book to others as it could be a hit or miss for them!


Meh, I didn’t really enjoy this book but I mean I was able to finish it. I was frustrated by certain aspects of this book and won’t recommend it to others (except possibly by a rant about what I didn’t like about it).


Did not like this book at all, and probably didn’t finish it either…why did I waste so much time reading it when I could have been reading a 5-star book or watching the next episode of my fav TV series?!



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